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3 Outlet

3 Outlet

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  • ⚡14/3 ELECTRIC POWER CORD: Our outdoor extension cord uses 14 Gauge, soft-drawn copper, to give 120V 15-amps with minimal voltage drop providing all the power you require. The PVC outer jacket is not only wear-resistant and durable, but also resistant to moisture and sun. It can be used in the environment of -13℉ -113℉.
  • ⚡HEAVY DUTY SJTW JACKET: This extension cable cords has SJTW jacket, which means that the cord is extremely tough and has a strain relief design. Each of these heavy duty designed cord has flexible outer jacket provides protection against moisture, sunlight and everyday elements.
  • ⚡ LIGHTED OUTLET ENDS : This 14 gauge electrical cord has transparent male and female lighted outlet which lights up when the cord is powered , showing that the cord is ready to use .It also gives you a light to better spot the extension cord in dark or obstructed situations.
  • ⚡3 IN 1 OUTLET: Our Multi plug extension cord makes it simple and handy for you to use up to three tools or appliances at once, allowing you to add another one or any other power device right there without having to unplug anything else. This power extension cord can be used to maximize the usage of any power source, including a wall socket.
  • ⚡ INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE: Whether you are looking to provide power indoors or outdoors, our 14/3 outdoor extension cords are the perfect solution. Use this Heavy duty cord with power tools, portable lights and lawn tools. Green jacket is perfect for indoor and outdoor Christmas lights and decorations

Details: IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A DURABLE, STURDY AND FEXIBLE EXTENSION CORD FOR YOUR OUTOORDOOR/INDOOR DECOR ,OUR HEAVY DUTY OUTDOOR EXTENSION CORD IS ALL YOU NEED. This is a 14/3 SJTW, 3*14 AWG, 3*1.31 mm100 Feet Heavy Duty Extension Cable with 14 gauge thickness and one grounded outlet. This power extension cord gives your appliances and power tools more reach and is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. It is appropriate for numerous applications and has one grounded outlet. This outdoor extension cord is extremely tough and will withstand tearing, abrasion, moisture and exposure to the sun. Additional Features: High visibility color: This 14/3 extension cord comes in 2 different colors ,Yellow for construction purpose and green one is used mostly in decorations. Weatherproof : This 3 prong extension cord is built with “SJTW” wire suitable for temperatures from -30°F to 113°F. High Quality Connector: The reinforced and durable connectors of male to female extension cord protect the prongs against bending or breakage. Strain Relief Design: These heavy duty cords have strain relief design, which is not easy to break when bent and used. Versatile: Indoor/outdoor extension cord ideal for home, yard or professional use; power tools, landscaping equipment, lighting and more Grounded plug and receptacle: Christmas Light Extension cord comes in high visibility color and is finished with a three prong grounded plug for added safety when powering up your heavy duty tools outdoors.

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