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8 Loop PEX Plumbing Manifold - Stainless Steel Radiant Floor Heating Manifold - PEX Tubing Manifold With 4 Wire Actuators (1/2" PEX Adapters included)

8 Loop PEX Plumbing Manifold - Stainless Steel Radiant Floor Heating Manifold - PEX Tubing Manifold With 4 Wire Actuators (1/2" PEX Adapters included)

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Color: Silver


  • 8 LOOP PEX MANIFOLD: PEX manifold is made of excellent quality stainless steel which is corrosion-resistant and pressure-resistant. This PEX radiant manifold is non-toxic, maintenance-free, and anti-aging. Fit for radiant floor water systems only to keep quick & uninterrupted hot/cold water flows.Easy to assemble construction.
  • VISUAL FLOW METER: The water inlet branch of this Plumbing manifold is equipped with a visual flow meter-type shut-off valve, which can accurately adjust the water flow of each channel and prevent the branch from grabbing water. Just open the red cap and turn the red base to adjust the water volume of each channel to 0-5 liters/min.
  • EASY FOR INSTALLATION: Heavy duty stainless steel mounting bracket of this PEX radiant manifold is included making it attachable to any wall easily. No PEX tools are required, Just use regular pliers or an adjustable wrench to connect PEX tubing to the manifold. Pressure tested and pre-assembled. Simply mount the manifold on brackets and connect valves and PEX tubing.
  • ALL IN ONE: Each radiant heat manifold includes an automatic air vent, shut-off valve, drain valves with outlet caps, Equipped with a 1/2" Adapter, Compatible with 1/2" PEX pipe,2-wire manifold valve actuator opens individual valves on a manifold, temperature gauge, flow valve, and balancing valve/manual wheel for supply and return trunks.
  • Temperature STURDY AND RELIABLE: The tube body of this manifold valve is demagnetized as a whole, does not absorb impurities, prevents internal clogging, and effectively extends the service life of the water separator (longer than the life of the non-demagnetized water separator).
  • WIDE APPLICATION: 8 loop PEX manifolds with PEX Ball valves are widely used in gardens, water pumps, corner rainwater tanks, external taps, rainwater connections with buckets, rainwater collectors, water pipes, etc.

PartNumber: SSMAN-8

Details: 8 Loop PEX plumbing manifolds are a new method for residential water distribution, gaining acceptance in the home building industry. Manifold plumbing systems are control centers for hot and cold water that feed flexible PEX supply lines to individuaL fixtures. This radiant floor heating PEX manifold features clear sight flow gauges for each loop and heavy-duty mounting brackets. Includes 1/2" Pex Fittings and 4 wire actuators. Temperature gauges on supply and return manifolds to ensure proper supply temperature and evaluate heat loss at the return manifold. The actuator is designed to replace the manual balancing valve on the manifold to provide electronic control of an individual zone (branch). Additional Features: 2-wire actuator – thermally activated, a slow-opening valve that provides individual flow control (per loop) on a multi-zoned manifold (manifold serving more than one zone) in a water radiant floor heating system. Individual isolation – each appliance can be isolated in the event of a problem. Fewer joints in the system – reducing the possibility of leaks. Reduced installation time – Eliminating intermediate joints speeds up installation time. Easy to maintain – with individual isolation of each appliance and easy accessibility, maintenance or repair work is much easier. Flexibility – Allows adjustment of flow and tailoring of pipe sizes for individual appliances.

UPC: 300744442297

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Model: SSMAN-8

Item Condition: New

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