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Propress Fitting Copper Coupling – Zero Lead Copper Coupling with Stop Press x Press Straight Coupling Pack of

Propress Fitting Copper Coupling – Zero Lead Copper Coupling with Stop Press x Press Straight Coupling Pack of

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Color: Copper


  • [SAFE & ECO-FRIENDLY]- Zero lead copper ProPress fittings provide a safe and environmentally friendly solution for home plumbing needs. Made from pure copper, they don't contain any harmful substances like lead and are safe for use in drinking water systems. Protect your family's health and the environment with this responsible choice.
  • [SPEEDY & SECURE]- The zero lead copper coupling with stop offers a quick and reliable connection for copper pipes. Its built-in stop prevents over- insertion, ensuring a secure and watertight seal. No need for additional plumbing tools, making the installation process faster and easier.
  • [DURABLE & CORROSION RESISTANT]- The zero lead copper coupling with stop is tough and durable, suitable for hot and cold water applications. It is resistant to corrosion and provides a leak-free connection in plumbing systems. Ideal for both new installations and replacement of outdated fittings.
  • [COMPLIANT & SUSTAINABLE]- These copper fittings are compliant with low-lead regulations and are a sustainable choice for plumbing needs. They meet growing concerns about the impact of lead on human health and the environment.
  • [FITTING SYSTEM FOR PROFESSIONALS]- Approved to the most codes and standards of any other copper press fitting system and with more than 400 different fitting configurations to suit virtually any type of plumbing or HVAC job, ProPress pipe fittings are the top choice of professionals around the globe.

Details: The 1/2" Copper ProPress Fitting with Zero Lead offers a safe and efficient solution for your plumbing needs. It is a type of copper fitting designed to provide a fast and secure connection between two copper pipes with a 1/2" diameter. The built-in stop helps prevent over-insertion and ensures a watertight connection. Features: Install in 7 seconds or less with a press tool — no flame, solder or flux required Press technology eliminates need for burn permits or fire watch Wet or dry connections allow quick repairs on existing systems Rated for 0-250 oF, up to 300 PSI for water applications Compatible systems include potable water, hydronics and more Ideal for both residential and commercial plumbing projects It is a reliable alternative to traditional compression fittings or PVC pipe fittings and offers an eco-friendly solution for your plumbing needs. Upgrade your home plumbing system with this product and order the zero lead copper coupling with stop today.

Model: Propress coupling Pack 10

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