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ProPress Fitting Copper Press Tee

ProPress Fitting Copper Press Tee

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Color: Copper


  • 【PROPRESS COPPER TEE】- 3/4 inch copper tee available in 10 pcs packwith3-way tee fitting, having no lead and this copper press tee connects 1" (side), 1" (side) and 3/4" (top/middle) copper pipes together. Allows installers to join wet connections, making it the fastest solution for maintenance and repair
  • 【FEATURES OF COPPER TEE】- copper tee fitting working at temperature range up to 200 psi at 33°F-250°F and compressed air and insert gasses upto 140 psi perfect for connecting angle valves, hoses, or wall-mounted faucets. 3/4 inch copper tee can easily install to tight spaces and adaptable to all areas industrial, domestic etc.
  • 【COPPER TEE LAST LONGER】- our 3-way tee fitting Copper (CU) material tends to be one of the most sought-after metals for outdoor use. Copper's properties make it durable and highly resistant to corrosion and weather, allowing it to stand the test of time for many years
  • 【CONNECTIONS ARE MADE IN FOUR TO SEVEN SECONDS】- propress copper tee features an inboard bead and EPDM O-ring. Simply applying pressure from a pressing tool tightens the O-ring onto the tube, ensuring a clean, watertight
  • 【GREAT COMPATIBILITY】- copper T fit with plastic, flexible metal, copper and even with carbon steel pipes with no risk of leakage, copper tee fitting does not require flames, heat or extra mechanical work to complete connections

Details: COPPER TEE FITTING OR ADAPTERS Copper Tee Used in pipes systems to connect straight sections of pipe or tube, adapt to different sizes or shapes, and for other purposes such as regulatingfluidflow. These copper fitting tee are used in plumbing to manipulate the conveyanceof water, gas or liquid waste in domestic or commercial environment, withinsystems of pipes and tubes 3 WAY COPPER T FEATURES Copper male adapters Intended for hot & cold water plumbing, hydronic&radiant heating (incl. ethylene, propylene and butylene glycol mixes), compressair (oil-free), low pressure steam, vacuum, grey water and others. Heat and flame-free installation - no need for fluxing, soldering or prepwork Compatible with most compression tools Non-pressed fittings are easily identifiable due to integrated leak paths COPPER TEE SPECIFICATIONS Hot & cold water: up to 200 psi at 33°F-250°F Low pressure steam: up to 15 psi Compressed air & inert gases: up to 140 psi For use with: K, L & M types hard (drawn) and soft (annealed) copper tubing O-ring material: EPDM O-ring lubricant: NSF/ANSI 61 listed silicone oil.

Model: tf-1-1/2-3/4

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