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String Work Light Extension Cord - Portable Plastic Construction Light String - Contractor- Grade 12" LED Work Light String with Sockets for Indoor and Outdoor Use

String Work Light Extension Cord - Portable Plastic Construction Light String - Contractor- Grade 12" LED Work Light String with Sockets for Indoor and Outdoor Use

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  • HEAVY-DUTY OUTDOOR STRING LIGHTS - We are offering 100 ft. string lights indoors with 10 lamp holders and light sockets. Construction led string lights are made with sturdy materials such as PVC or rubber that can withstand rough handling, harsh weather conditions, and exposure to sunlight and moisture.
  • STRONG BRIGHTNESS OF LED BAR LIGHTS - 100FT Construction String Lights is contractor-grade designed for indoor and outdoor use and features durable plastic cages to accommodate A23 or larger bulbs up to 150 watts each. Led string lights indoor and outdoor need to provide bright and even illumination in order to be effective. Light for outside patio use high-output LED bulbs that provide a strong, clear light that can cover a large area.
  • WATERPROOF DESIGN OF LED WORK LIGHT - Led outdoor lights are designed to be waterproof or weatherproof, making them suitable for use in rainy or snowy conditions. Outdoor patio led string lights moved around job sites or other outdoor locations, so they need to be portable and easy to transport. Yellow lamp holder spacing is 10 feet, starting 9 feet from the plug.
  • ENERGY-EFFICIENT OPERATION - led camping lights with 10 LED light bulb cages are manufactured with 100ft 14/2 SJTW Cable, 10 Sockets, and Plastic Guards. Led string lights indoor are designed to be energy-efficient, with low power consumption and long-lasting LED bulbs. Shop lights for workshop are designed to be weather-resistant or waterproof, protecting them from rain, snow, and other environmental factors.
  • EASY INSTALLATION SHOP LIGHTS FOR WORKSHOP - String lights outdoor waterproof 100ft are typically easy to install, with hooks or clips that allow them to be hung from overhead structures such as scaffolding, tents, or tree branches. This string lights led is best suited for work sites, attics, basements, storage areas, parking lots, or any other area where extra lighting is needed.

Details: Description Contractor-Grade 100ft string work light with 10 LED light bulb cages provides safe illumination to the spaces where it is installed. Sockets are provided at a spacing of 10 feet each. Easy to install, just tighten the bulb then install the yellow shade. With 10 lamps and a reflection of the wall/ceiling, you could get a nice light distribution, which could match most needs of general lighting. Certification from UL for safety and quality. The use of LED string lighting has been one of the most popular lighting solutions because they offer many benefits to homes and businesses. String work temporary lighting can consume up to 85 percent less electricity as compared to traditional halogen or incandescent bulbs. This frees you to spend those hard-earned dollars elsewhere, say, adding onto your outdoor living space even more. Additional Features: High Visibility : The bright yellow string light allows for high visibility and a covered plug is provided at the end of each string which facilitates connecting multiple sets for the coverage of a large area. Moveable Bulbs: The yellow shade protects the bulb from fall damage and is removable. The temporary means that it is movable when and where it is needed. Save Money with Enhanced Beauty : LED string lights will enhance the beauty of your surroundings and bring out the ambiance you are looking for, all while saving you from paying heavy electricity bills. Spending Time Outdoors at Night: Now with family and friends spending more and more time outdoors, it only makes sense to have a turn-key outdoor living space during all hours both day and night with this light string. · Long Lifespan · Improved Environmental Performance · High Brightness and Intensity · Reliability · Instant Lighting and the Ability to Withstand Frequent Switching ·&n

Model: CSL-100Feet

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